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Take me out to the …..chiropractor.

Yesterday the Big Injun asked me if I wanted to play “Annie Over.” I thought it may have been the sweetest invite ever. First of all, who plays Annie Over anymore, especially when you’re an adult? Secondly, it was just cute. We were playing basketball before that and were reminiscing about when we were kids. […]

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Zumba eh….Zumba ahhhh….that hurts….

Yesterday I pulled the muscle in my left butt-cheek doing Zumba. Again. It now feels like there is a rock permanently implanted there, seized up for the duration of my life. Perhaps it will give the illusion that my buns are more firm than they actually are. I mean… than they never were.  OK… probably that they will never […]

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In the mornin’ when I rise…you bring a tear & soreness to my thighs…

Oh tell me … everything’s…gonna be alright. I did it! I went to Zumba last night. First time ever.  I have to tell you, had I not been sporting my very chic yoga pants and T-shirt that proclaimed “Exhale” from Sams Club for $15.88 a set, I most likely would not have overcome. In fact, I am going […]

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