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My Dingo ate your… ahhh, nevermind.

Twitch…twitch…t w i t c h…… That would be my eyelids. Twitching. Tired. Stressed. That’s what happens when I get stressed. Why am I stressed? I am so¬†glad you asked. The neighbors dog. It’s lucky to be alive. The little, black, hairy creature is not on my “favorite furry critters” list right now. Normally it […]

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The Never Ending Snorey.

How can a Big Injun have a stumpy neck? It doesn’t calculate. The text came in: “The doctor says my neck is stumpy.” “Do I snore a lot??” “Yes!” For the record, his neck isn’t stumpy. It’s manly. If a neck ever was.

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DRUGS, oh how I love thee!

The first step is to admit that you have a problem. It’s official, I am a junkie. A pill popper, a druggie if you will. Since you all “seen” me last, my life has changed dramatically. It’s been a few months right? I fell off the face of the earth, I went into hiding and […]

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