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What happens in Branson…stays in Branson. Mostly.

Once upon a time…there were 3 little cousins, who used to play with Barbie’s at Mammaw’s. And then they grew up! They had 9 kids between them …. and so they decided it was time for a break.   Take 1!    “Girls Gone Wild: Branson Edition!” Advertisements

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Imps, Baby naners’ & Euro Man.

You may recall that yesterday I posted about my plans to go to my favorite mexican supermarket…Morelos Super Mercados. Well, I say favorite… it’s the only one i’ve ever crossed the border into (← pun  most definitely intended.)

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Caramel-infused, chocolate-laced, macchiato-mocha creamer

I’ve always prided myself on being different. On not being afraid to be myself. Of being the caramel-infused, chocolate-laced, macchiato-mocha creamer of the coffee world. Plain Coffee Mate was not what I was to be about. Oh no, not this girl.

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