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Poppa’s pude-wudes. My best friends.

One thousand one….one thousand two, one thousand three……………. GHOST-TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! All I can hear is the crunch of leaves, distant whispers and giggles, I see the flicker of a lightning bug here or there…and the sounds of someone yelling “GHOST-TOWN!” But then I hear cries, see torn clothes and witness blood-shed. Two of my cousins had run into the barbed-wire fence in the dark, […]

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What happens in Branson…stays in Branson. Mostly.

Once upon a time…there were 3 little cousins, who used to play with Barbie’s at Mammaw’s. And then they grew up! They had 9 kids between them …. and so they decided it was time for a break.   Take 1!    “Girls Gone Wild: Branson Edition!”

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