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My Dingo ate your… ahhh, nevermind.

Twitch…twitch…t w i t c h…… That would be my eyelids. Twitching. Tired. Stressed. That’s what happens when I get stressed. Why am I stressed? I am so glad you asked. The neighbors dog. It’s lucky to be alive. The little, black, hairy creature is not on my “favorite furry critters” list right now. Normally it […]

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Words with Lobsters

I dreamed of Red Lobster last night. Oh…not the one with buttery, garlic biscuits and crab legs…. Me. I’m sunburned…thanks to my cousin. She made me do it. She said.. “Rachel, you WILL lay out in the sun for 4 hours with no sunscreen in the blazing heat since you have had zero exposure to the sun since […]

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Are you there God? It’s me….”Rah-kel.”

My Aunt Cranky calls me “Rah-kel.” I think it is my name in German. Either that…or she thinks I resemble Raquel Welch. I’m betting on the latter. Well…today, I am having one of “THOSE” days. You know what I mean. “Those” days are never good. And it’s only 8:45 a.m.

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