“Do A Dingo” Experiment

I shuffled my way to the coffee pot. My eyes were still in “sleepy” mode and I had not yet uttered a word. I nodded to The Big Injun and went about making my coffee.

Woof…woof…..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………….. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……. YELP! YELP!!!

The most horrific sound came from outside. I knew it was our dog. But who could she be at battle with? After all, no one came around but her best friend who has taken to sleeping on our deck at night. Surely not….

The Injun ran outside and watched as Dingo’s faithful friend was running away. I looked outside as I saw the evidence in question. A very long , deer,  leg-bone. “Baby” had let a bone come between her and her best friend…. a bone. Not another playmate, but simply,  something to chew on.

Dingo was distressed, she hung her head and laid on the back deck. Pitiful looking. Betrayed by her furry friend, there was nothing left to do. I went to the fridge and decided now was as good a time as any to clean it out.  It quickly became a family project… Oh, there were some very interesting things in there. Some mashed potatoes from at least 2 months ago, some spinach dip from New Years Eve, some over-cooked noodles from last week that I thought someone would be “craving” so I saved them…..some actual noodles that were good (at the time) AND had some chicken in them… and…one FRESH piece of Church’s chicken. A nice fresh piece… just because we felt sorry for the Dingo.

We combined the concoction into two large bowls and set it out on the corner of the sidewalk. Baby was watching from across the street, with the bone….staring. Dingo dove in. I thought she would go for the Church’s chicken first but no…she , unlike the rest of my family…..felt an immense connection with the over-cooked noodles. Who could blame her? After all, they were Amish noodles…

So she ate, and ate and ate….and “Baby” watched, and watched and watched…

Two days later, I had not seen hide nor hair of Baby. She had stayed away. Until this morning. As we prepared to leave for school, she had made her way over to our retaining wall. She stood there with her head down. She stood there waiting for approval. She stood there, while Dingo watched her from her cozy cushion on the front porch. She waited for the “invitation.”

I drove off and me and my daughter talked about the dog and the “situation.” When I came back down the road not quiet to our home, there I witnessed nature taking place… that “unspoken” thing between friends…. the point where you re-unite because you just cannot live without one another.  They were frolicking up and down the road as usual, they were running and playing and glad to be doing so and for a second I was angry with Dingo for “taking” her back so quickly… “Where’s your self-worth Dingo?” “What compels you to be so forgiving so suddenly?” “Are you going to let her come back into your life just like that? Without even so much as an apology??”

It made me think. I have watched this happen a lot with people. I have watched my kids do it, over an over… I have done it.

It is about forgiving. About not holding a grudge. About accepting the sinful nature of ourselves and others and repenting. This morning I watched “Baby” repent. I did! She stood on that retaining wall and she asked for forgiveness. First from me when I stepped outside.  I was not as nice as Dingo. I scolded her. I told her she had been “ugly” acting. Dingo showed me up. She forgave. She let it go. She decided that harboring ill-feelings was just not worth it. She remembered that she once had no home. No friends. No mom. She had been “dumped” on our road. She let it go. No cares in the world, whatsoever.

Why do we hold on to junk? Why do we let “garbage” supersede our happiness? What in us wants to “punish” someone who has wronged us? It is a reaction to being hurt. If someone wronged you, the only way you can get even is to make them “pay” by shunning them, being hateful, gossiping about them, etc.

So I have a challenge… let’s “Do a Dingo” next time someone hurts us. Let’s see what happens when we do exactly the opposite of what our instinct tells us to do. Let’s let it roll off, react with love and kindness and see what that person does!!

I know there will be an instance with any number of us , maybe even today. I want comments back on your “Do a Dingo” experiment. I am looking forward to my first “test” and I will report back soon!


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I am Rachel. I have a skewed sense of reality and I like to live through my imagination. Unfortuntely, that has taken me down some rocky roads and I am here to share some snippets of what happens when a girl has a mind of her own.

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