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The day I realized my “Fountain of Youth” clocked out early:

It was yesterday and  I was putting on makeup. For 39 years I had lived in my imaginary land where rainbows and unicorns exist. Where there was world peace and where my forehead was wrinkle-free. I put on my new eye make-up and as I was doing so, I lifted my eyebrows up to gain more […]

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Oh…OH….OH…..OKLAHOMA where the winds come tearing down your deck….

“And the earthquakes hit, the drought never quits, and the snow is  up to your pits!!” The year is 2011. The state is Oklahoma. And I live there.  Whoa!!! What a year!!!  We started off in January with record breaking freezing temperatures. We hit -30 something below. -30 below! IN OKLAHOMA!  What the freezing heck??? […]

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