To everything, there is a season.


Sometimes I get a phrase stuck in my head and do not know why. So today I have this one. “To everything there is a season.”   Admittingly,  I looked up the origin and was embarrassed to find that I did not know the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” was an adaptation from the book of Ecclesiastes. And so I read chapter 3.

Here is my take on a “season.”  First and foremost, I consider it to be only temporary. Appointed by God and solely controlled by Him, from beginning to end.  This is hard for me to wrap my mind around. Naturally we want to control our surroundings and situations and sometimes we can and are even supposed to right? But I believe that differs from a “season.”  Most of the time the word is associated with negativity…at least in my world… and definitely more so in my past.

And so I look back. Why? Why? Why??  Why would my Father allow me to go through a “season” or should I say “seasons” in my case?  I will tell you that when you are going though the pits of hell, despair, poverty, grief, loss, rejection… it makes you question your faith. It just does.

But now I know why. He had to get my attention to shift my focus. Just as I do with my children.  My focus was on everything that had surrounded me and not what He had *truly* created me to be. The things that I had deemed “important” were not. Not even in the same ball park. I am not saying that our spouses, children, education, etc are trivial. I am saying that they are not our sole purpose. 

And so I went though HELL to find my “purpose.” Thank God “hell on earth” was for a “season.” And sometimes I need a little reminder of that. Sometimes the reminders are ugly but I am learning once again,  to shift my focus. Instead of pointing my finger to those around me I have to start with ME. No one, no thing, no circumstance can control me. Not even God.  *I* control me and if I am wise,  I can *allow* God to intervene if He sees fit.

Some seasons are longer than others, some are more harsh, some require moving to leave the elements behind and some just require patience and prayer. But all require change.

 I look back on those times and have to wonder where I would be. Yes, I would probably be OK in general. But where would my faith be? Would I really be happy? Would I have moved forward spiritually or would I have just remained complacent and accepting that there was nothing more for me?

A willingness to accept your “season” as a learning experience and a nudge from God to take a look at you and you alone… will shorten the time you have to walk through the fire. I don’t know about you… but I do not want to endure any longer than need be!

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.


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I am Rachel. I have a skewed sense of reality and I like to live through my imagination. Unfortuntely, that has taken me down some rocky roads and I am here to share some snippets of what happens when a girl has a mind of her own.

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