A boy and his dog. I mean… pancakes…

This morning is day 3 of the “Great Blizzard of 2011.”  I woke up around 9:00 a.m. (after finishing The Hunger Games  at 1:45 a.m .)   The 3 girls are still asleep and taking advantage of their “snow day” off from school while my son is ready to start it off with a bang. He is excited because we let our dog sleep indoors with him last night…Dingo is an outdoor dog and I do not want her in the house even though she is the sweetest four-legged, padded-pawed critter that ever graced our presence. 

So after we hear the temperature is going to be -5 degrees here in the good ol’ South, I agree she can come in from the garage and spend her first night ever in the house…ONLY if she has a bath.

After locking the cat in the back room and the kids giving her a bath , she cannot believe her good fortune and she settles in nicely for the night.

Now back to said boy.  Evidentially he decides it is a pancake kind of morning. I come into the kitchen and “Big Injun Man” is trying to coach him on how to make a pancake because initially the first thought was to awaken his older sister to do it for him and his father convinced him it was time to learn himself.

I’m watching him stir the batter, I go off and read my email… I look and he is still stirring the batter. I go to the bathroom and he is still stirring the batter…I play a few games of Bejeweled Blitz… and I hear Big Injun Man saying..  “ARE YOU STILL STIRRING THAT BATTER??”

Lesson 1: I explain to him,  there is no need to stir it for 10 minutes, the lumps will never come all the way out.  He is relieved he can stop the insanity.

So dad asks him if he has started heating a pan yet. A blank look…. “Umm… no.”  So he gets the pan, turns on the burner (stirs the batter a lil’ bit more..) I ask him “Did you put butter in the pan?”  “Umm….no.” 

Lesson 2:  Pancake(ing) 101…butter your pan.  Turn heat to approximately medium-medium high heat for now just to heat it up and turn it down later. No big deal, he is learning. I am proud he wants to try.

 He is waiting for the pan to heat up and so he stirs the batter-  a.g.a.i.n

Lesson 3:  I explain to them the first pancake is usually the “guinea pig” pancake and will most likely be a “flop”.

Pancake batter hits the pan, Big Injun is observing overhead and I am relaxing…watching my men getting their “pancake on” in my kitchen. Sweeter bliss I have never experienced!

I hear, “turn it over when it gets brown around the edges!” The control-freak cook in me comes out and I butt-in and say:

Lesson 4:  “You only flip the pancake over when it has bubbled all over the top”

So they fiddle with the pancakes for a while and I hear Injun commenting on the beauty they have created. A PERFECT pancake on the first try. I believe he even called it “buttery goodness.” I’m skeptical, but I keep my thoughts to myself. I hear him telling him to flip it over…again..on the side that has already been cooked….. ALRIGHTY THEN. I keep my mouth shut…

Lesson 5: The perfect pancake allows for only one flip.

But I am proud, my boys are “manning up” and cooking. I find cooking very masculine by the way ! (hint…hint.) In the meantime, Big Injun Man decides he is going to try the first creation. The “buttery goodness”…the “perfect pancake.” He eats it and proclaims…. “well, I was wrong. It was doughy in the middle.”

Beauty on the outside but dough in the middle? I have to intervene even though my womanly instinct tells me I am going to “steal their macho.” Immediately I see the problem. They have turned up the heat. The boy blames it on his father…”Dad told me to turn it up!” Big Injun proclaims… “No I didn’t!”  I don’t argue.

Lesson 6:  Higher heat will only burn the outside and the inside will be raw.

OK, heat is adjusted and the pancakes start flying off the pan..one at a time. 1 sad little pancake on a huge griddle.

Lesson 7: It is OK to put more than one pancake on the pan at a time. This newfound info creates a stir and the batter is flying!

The smell of pancakes awaken two of the girls and they gather around to watch their brother, mesmerized at his skills, envious if you will. He has mastered the art of pancake(ing.)

When everyone is done eating and the kitchen has batter strewn from hell to breakfast… I say to him, “Did you know there were frozen waffles in the garage freezer?”  No words, just slumped shoulders and a look of disgust. 🙂 Enough said. I think his pancakes making days are over for now but it was a good lesson.

The process reminded me something else deeper than pancakes though. It reminded me of relationships. There is an art to relationships. It begins with mixing the proper ingredients and follows by getting the setting “just right” and taking extra care and monitoring closely. You may get a few “doughy” cakes at first but once you master the temperature you can turn them out quiet nicely. It takes time, patience and the will to learn and be instructed.

On this 3rd day of being snowed in I realize we have a great life. We have plenty to eat. The kids have one another to play with, the animals are all happy. We have all learned the “Art Of Pancake(ing.)”

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I am Rachel. I have a skewed sense of reality and I like to live through my imagination. Unfortuntely, that has taken me down some rocky roads and I am here to share some snippets of what happens when a girl has a mind of her own.

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One Comment on “A boy and his dog. I mean… pancakes…”

  1. Margaret
    February 3, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

    Very interesting and fun to read. You have a great talent. Don’t let it go to waste.

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