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Myself & Banana Seat Bicycle vs Mad Cow.

  The following short story is a true account. The names have not been protected because it is about myself and a maniacal cow or bovine if you will. It goes a lil’ something like this…. Advertisements

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NOT trending now… “Tough Love”

I am mentally exhausted. Would you like to know why?  I’ll tell you… because while the last year of my marriage and home life has been undeniably the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me (thank you GOD…) I have also been subjected to some of the most outlandish and unbelievable acts of […]

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THIS JUST IN: Mom of 4 retires @ the age of 38.

Ahhh, aren’t they cute??………………………… That’s good, I’m so glad you like them, because I’m retiring as mom. That’s right, you heard it here first. RE-TIRE (ing.) Albeit to Goodwill for 2 hours while they are at school, I am so going for it.

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