In the Spotlight

Are you there God? It’s me….”Rah-kel.”

My Aunt Cranky calls me “Rah-kel.” I think it is my name ...

Granny’s hair ornament

    BAR-NEY!  …… BAR-NEY!!!!  Hoooooooooooo! HOOOOOOOOOOO! The swish of air, the ...

Goulash: a heterogeneous mixture; hodgepodge; jumble.

Short, sweet and to the point. My life summed up in one ...

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Muddy waters

Today I texted a picture of my new hair-do to The Big Injun who is away working.  I went from blonde highlights which were only “installed” to cover gray back to almost my original dark brown where in about 2 weeks grays will be peeking out like prairie dogs. Ok. I liked my hair. I felt […]

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A love note to Him

Does he love me? Not enough. Does He love me? With certainty. Did he come for me? He drove me here. Did He come for me? Yes, abundantly. Would he betray me? He did. Would He betray me? Not possible. Would he die for me? No. Would He die for me? He did. Is he […]

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Her name was Billie

I ran into the store, hoping to be in and out. I knew my husband would be working an odd job that night,  so I needed to prepare dinner. I raced through the produce, and around the bend to the meat. I picked out pork chops and potatoes and had planned on preparing a nice […]

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The Scar

Flawless. That’s what you were. Second to no one, in my eyes. Envied by those who had less fortune. Those who were blemished. Those less than perfect.

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It’s the price you pay!

Yesterday I “thanked” a Tulsa police officer for giving me a ticket. Oh yes I did. It went mostly like this: I was leaving Aldi grocery store . Aldi is a food store for families such as mine. Basically I can get about 17 bags of groceries for the same price that I can buy […]

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Lost but Found

Mischievous, no doubt you are. Mismatched teeth, one big, one small, Pint-sized toes on thin, lanky legs Heaven-sent lashes, most certain a doll. Who gave you the choice? Who gave you the say? No one, that’s who. It just happened this way. So what is the answer? What makes it go? A million questions you ask, […]

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What’s your brand?

I have a dear friend who is very ill. She has a message for everyone. It may sound simple. It may sound cliché. You may want to sweep it under the rug. I know she did years ago when I confronted her. I know a couple of other people in my life right now that […]

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But this one thing I know…

“I’m pregnant and my husband is cheating and beats me .” “My druggie ex-husband has custody of my kids and I am fighting to get them back.” “My ex-husband told me that I do not have much longer to live and I have given up.” “My son is in jail.” ” My family member is […]

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Reality check.

Today I will visit my long-time, and one of my best friends in the hospital. The doctors are not giving her a good diagnosis as of this last week. Yesterday my girlfriends mother passed away. She was also my friend. While I did not have the privilege of knowing her on a deeper level, I […]

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“Do A Dingo” Experiment

I shuffled my way to the coffee pot. My eyes were still in “sleepy” mode and I had not yet uttered a word. I nodded to The Big Injun and went about making my coffee. Woof…woof…..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………….. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……. YELP! YELP!!! The most horrific sound came from outside. I knew it was our dog. But who could […]

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